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Don’t Mince Words: Entering The Next Level of Data Security With The Latest In GDPR

Posted by Joakim Jonsson on Jan 22, 2018 8:00:00 AM


The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is keeping up with the growing pace of technology by amending its current policies legislating how organizations obtain, manage, and store online data. Individuals will in turn have a clearer understanding of what their consent means when vendors request access to their data. The purpose is to deter fraudulent practices and provide users with greater control and security. So what exactly does that mean for marketers who rely on online questionnaires/surveys, email distribution and social media to collect and process data?  It means investing in data protection safeguards and training systems to comply with the new legislation.

The new legislation will insist that organizations add detailed disclosures when obtaining consent from users. But In order to effectively implement GDPR, organizations will be required to thoroughly understand how data is transferred, stored, and processed. This will push companies to dedicate time and effort towards training, as even the slightest oversight could potentially cause significant consequences. Getting ahead of the learning curve is key to avoiding severe penalties when it comes to audit-time.

Marketers will be forced to channel their efforts if they want to succeed. Although this may be a challenge upfront, the goal will allow consumers to gain more control over their sensitive data and marketers to foresee potential security gaps. Ultimately, GDPR will impact the way marketers approach their work and handle data, so it’s important to plan ahead.

HubSport showcases how its inbound marketing model will integrate the latest GDPR principles in their exemplary blog post, What is the GDPR? And What Does it Mean for the Marketing Industry? by breaking down GDPR fundamentals into how data is collected, stored and processed, and what should occur after it is no longer needed.

Collecting Data

Individuals will have clarification of what the data is being collected for before they consent. Prior to the latest GDPR, companies were not required to provide detailed information to their users when asking for information. With the new legislation, data collection will be completely transparent and kept to a minimum, so only information that is relevant to the intended purpose will be requested. Individuals will also have the option to opt out of having their data shared.

Storing and Processing Data

Data controllers will not be permitted to use an individual’s data in any way that would be considered incompatible with its original intended purpose. Consent from the individual will be required any time data is transferred or shared with another organization. This ensures security, accuracy, accountability and ideally, integrity.

Maintaining/Disposal of Data

Organizations will be required to discard data that has once been collected and is no longer needed. Additionally, individuals will have the right to have their personal data removed at any time and the data controlled will be expected to comply.

Marketers should prepare themselves to embrace the GDPR. After all, raising the bar when it comes to handling data is not a bad thing. In fact, with consumers becoming more tech savvy than ever and in-tune with the nuts and bolts of data privilege and security, marketers will have to get even more creative with their marketing strategies. Additionally, having the GDPR in place will allow the opportunity for more effective communication, personalization of products and services, and a more efficient data economy. 

GDPR Means Success For Service as a Solution (SaaS)

Because its focus is 100% SaaS, 6Connex understands just how essential data control and security is to its clients. At 6Connex, security and privacy compliance is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting clients’ proprietary content and GDPR is upheld in every aspect - From the planning of the virtual event to the day it goes live and beyond. 6Connex virtual platform is cloud-based and implement the latest security applications to uphold international security and privacy laws to ensure that customers never have to worry about breaches to their sensitive information. 6Connex takes no chances when it comes to understanding the value of maintaining quality services and works closely with its clients to create the exact virtual environment that they envision for their products and services, training purposes, and any event imaginable. With its supreme customization and flexibility, 6Connex’s virtual platform offers the ability to enable or restrict access to rooms as well as pieces of content via email or domain. This allows administrators to have the utmost control over content and who can view/access it.

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