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Posted by 6Connex Blogger on Sep 4, 2017 7:00:00 AM


Get smart about gamification to engage attendees across your virtual event, virtual tradeshow or virtual sales conference – with your content, your staff, your sponsors/partners and each other.

While true games like trivia or concentration can distract attendees from your content, borrowing from the gaming world can focus attendees’ attention on the activities most important to your online event goals.

The Leaderboard is a perfect blend of game mechanics and content metrics that drives competition among your virtual audience.


Follow these steps to make your Leaderboard program a winner.


  1. Make a list of important activities. Do you want attendees to visit booths, listen to keynotes, consume specific content, add items to their briefcase, chat with reps?
  2. Rank those activities in order of importance. Which ones will make the most impact on reaching your program goals?
  3. Assign point values to each activity; be sure points reflect the relative importance
  4. Provide rewards that motivate attendees. Everyone likes gift cards, while sometimes recognition may be enough.
  5. Set clear expectations regarding how many winners/prizes will be awarded, including how you will handle a tie.
  6. Schedule a start and end time that dictates how long attendees have to earn points.
  7. Promote the Leaderboard and get attendees excited to compete!


Remember: Some people will take actions only to gain points, not because they are interested in the content. Balance that with knowing attendees are being exposed to content they may not have otherwise seen, creating more possibilities for interest and connection.


Bonus Tip

Ask select sponsors or partners to provide the rewards. This is great way to get additional exposure and to generate some goodwill with the online event audience. Even better if the rewards somehow reflects the sponsors products, hometown or personality – get creative!


Whether you’re considering your first virtual event, virtual tradeshow or virtual SKO or are an old pro at managing online events, we have tips and best practices to help you create successful virtual event programs.  

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