Job Hunting in Your Pajamas

Posted by 6Connex Blogger on Mar 6, 2017 7:00:00 AM


When I think about all the virtual event use cases, virtual recruiting tops the “hot list” – whether it’s a large-scale virtual career fair or a more intimate virtual open house. 

If you’re a job seeker, what could be better than searching open jobs and connecting with recruiters from wherever you happen to be?  Hop online and have an interview before you even get dressed for the day.  Or take your iPad out to lunch and connect with recruiters from the local café.

If you’re a recruiter, what could be better than attracting hundreds on potential employees, all available for a quick screen or an easily scheduled interview?  Connect and answer questions when the top candidates are available, and attract the best talent, regardless of physical location.  


So, what is virtual recruiting? 

Whether a true “fair” model with virtual booths for multiple employers or a more compact “open house” for a single employer, virtual recruiting invites candidates to pre-register and upload their resumes in advance of any live activity. Recruiters are typically on-hand to answer questions while candidates view videos, brochures and job listings. Often a means to pre-qualify candidates for phone or in-person interviews, direct hiring managers can also join the virtual conversations and chat with candidates on the fly.


Why should you consider virtual recruiting?

You need to be available when and where your best candidates are. That means giving them access to recruiters from their phone on a lunch break or at home while the kids are having an after-school snack. The easier you make it for your future employees to engage with your company the higher the likelihood you’ll both find exactly the right fit.


Want to check out a great example of virtual recruiting?  The folks over at Veteran Recruiting host quality virtual program on a regular basis, connecting veterans to jobs across the nation.  Check it out to see what virtual recruiting has to offer, and consider sharing the event to support jobs for our veterans.

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