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3 Ways to Recruit Smarter in a Competitive Job Market

Posted by Lisa Farrell on Aug 16, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Recruit Smarter Not Harder

With the US unemployment rate just at or below 4% and even lower in key sectors like healthcare and technology, it’s a candidate’s market. Organizations of all types are forced to compete for top talent and leaving key jobs open for longer periods of time. With job seekers having the upper hand, how can you get smarter about recruiting? 

Virtual recruitment solutions offer companies many benefits when it comes to finding and hiring top talent. Here are three ways you can use virtual events and environments to recruit smarter:


1. Demonstrate Leadership

Job seekers spend a lot of time online. That’s the go-to source for the latest openings, salary comparisons, and employer research. Most companies, though, still rely on rather flat, search-driven job board technology with little to no interactivity with recruiters. The company “about us” section may include videos, but these are often primarily about company history, executive bios, and investor information.

Virtual environments allow your company to demonstrate leadership by using cutting-edge technology to connect candidates with recruiters. A virtual career fair can be as expansive as a physical career fair with multiple booths for multiple companies and/or departments, or it can be as intimate as a single room focused on small set of jobs. Live chat allows for conversation, and unlimited resources like videos and employee testimonials can help paint a picture of company culture. You can even showcase executives or tell your company story in real time in a theater setting.

All of this can help your company stand out, showing candidates your commitment to investing in the right technologies for employee connection—a great hook to interest job seekers in learning more.


2. Be Available

Even though companies may have to compete for the best candidates, interested candidates often have to wade through a long process to get to the interview stage or they have to wait it out while recruiters sort through resumes. By the time a recruiter reaches out, the candidate may have found another job.

Live connection with a recruiter can make all the difference, keeping the job seeker engaged. The best virtual recruitment events make the most of this connection by offering live office hours, during which recruiters staff virtual booths. Candidates can ask questions in a group discussion or reach out directly to a recruiter for a private conversation. This is a big benefit to recruiters, who can quickly scan resumes and screen candidates through an introductory chat. It’s also a big win if candidates make a personal connection, whether or not they more forward in the process; they are more likely to speak positively about the experience with your company to friends and colleagues who may be a fit.


3. Recruit Far and Wide

Your best new hires may not live nearby. You can exhibit at local career fairs or even host your own hiring event to bring candidates to your corporate campus, but if top candidates aren’t able to travel, you can miss out.

Virtual events take away all boundaries. You’re not tied to local job events, and you don’t have to rely on distant candidates to find you on a job board. Hosting a virtual career fair allows you to promote to a much broader audience, attracting candidates from anywhere who see an ad or receive email promotion. If you’re advertising not also the job openings but also your thought leadership and recruiter availability, you’ll have a great shot at attracting passive candidates as well. Reaching and connecting with a larger pool of candidates gives you a leg up on the competition.



If you have open jobs to fill and anticipate more openings soon, you need to recruit smarter. Companies that embrace new technologies, make themselves available to candidates, and recruit broadly will have a better chance of hiring top talent. Virtual recruitment solutions offer smart recruiters new strategies to stay ahead. Want to learn more? Connect with a virtual event specialist at 6Connex today.


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